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Are you a H.E.N.R.Y?

[High Earner, Not Rich Yet]

Sound Familiar?

Day in and day out you continue to work to advance your career/small business and achieve even more success. You’re not sure you'd call yourself wealthy, but you’re definitely not thinking too hard before making day to day purchases. You have a general idea about how much you should be saving (the 20% rule) - but whether or not you're actually doing it is a different story. You probably feel a little guilty from time to time but nothing that's keeping you up at night. 

If any of this sounds similar you’re most likely a H.E.N.R.Y. Here are 5 more signs that you are a "high earner, not rich yet"...

1) You work hard, play hard.

You feel good about how much you make "dollar-wise", but it seems like every time your paycheck hits, it gets spent with little to nothing left over at the end of every month. A few years ago you thought if you made what you made today, you’d have SO much extra money. But as your income has increased, so has your lifestyle - and why shouldn't it?

2) you find yourself having to adult

Although you haven't quite given up the ways of your 20s completely, you find yourself in the middle of making decisions like buying a house, having kids or joining finances with your significant other. There are many other decisions that will feel very familiar to your as a H.E.N.R.Y but these are just a few.

3) compromise isn't in your vocabulary

It's a general trend of our generation because we've seen our parents and grandparents sacrifice for decades to make sure we didn't have to. And although it'd be a stretch to say we aren't earning everything we have, we also know that we aren't giving as much thought to our future as they'd probably like us to - YOLO.

4) Technology is in your DNA

H.E.N.R.Ys span the Millennial and GenY generations. Part of what defines us is that we grew up around technology and are very comfortable utilizing it to streamline our life and our finances. We trust the advice we receive online and are very fast at cross-checking facts and referencing multiple sites before coming to our own conclusions.

5) Work/Life Balance is Very important

Technology was created to make our life better and we expect it to do just that. One study found that Gen Y employees want to spend 30%-70% of their time at home. Whether we work corporate or for ourselves, we all seek a better balance and more flexibility.

Welcome to the club. Stash Wealth has been the official Home of the HENRYs™ since 2013. Our clients kick ass at life and want something to show for it. HENRY’s can achieve anything they want with just a little bit of thought and planning.

Priya @ MC

Stash Wealth, 142 N 6th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11249, United States

Priya Malani left Wall Street to reestablish a new norm for what it meant to work with a Financial Advisor. As a Registered Investment Advisor based in New York, Stash Wealth educates and empowers Millennials and Gen Y'ers to take control of their financial future. Stash Wealth hosts monthly talks on personal finance topics called Financial Cliffnotes: LIVE. Also, it puts out a biweekly Financial Cliffnotes Newsletter. On the planning side, Moderna Capital has found the best way to execute successful financial plans is to deliver them in bite size pieces rather than the industry norm (one hefty document) that only leaves the client further confused and overwhelmed. By delivering modular planning on topics relevant to the needs of this generation, Stash Wealth helps individuals and couples secure their financial future and end the guilt that comes with not knowing where they stand.