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Press + Partnerships | More Smart Money Advice

Discover our online videos that help you better understand how to be money savvy. Click on the next button to watch all the videos in the series.

Stash's co-founder, Priya Malani, joins Taylor Strecker on her morning show Wake Up with Taylor on Sirius XM- Channel 109 to talk about how to be money savvy. Listen to some of the podcasts below:



How Hiring A Financial Planner In My 20s Changed My Life

“ Let me tell you the embarrassing truth about my first savings account. I was 24, and working at a bar in New York. When I came home from a shift, I would put some of my cash tips into an empty tequila bottle I kept in my closet. My roommate and I referred to it as the Bank of Patrón. ”

KATIE LEWIS, Refinery 29

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